Farrah O’Rourke has spent her adult life breaking the law, opening an illegal rave club and marrying a gangster – she likes nothing more than living on the edge. Recently widowed she is struggling to get on with life when a bombshell is dropped upon her – she’s the twin sister of Antonia Smedley, the Mayor of London’s wife and one of the most loved women in the world.

Former supermodel Toni – fashion icon and patron of many causes is catapulted to fame when her husband Jonathan becomes Mayor of London. Adored for her beauty and compassion no one knows her apparently perfect marriage is a sham. At just 38 she is diagnosed with terminal cancer and has one final request – to be reunited with the twin she was separated from as a baby.

How did these two identical women end up living such different lives?

As Farrah struggles with her sister’s legacy, bringing up a family alone and avenging the death of her beloved husband, a face from the past returns to rock her already tumultuous world.


One Response to “Two Become One”

  1. I read this book and immediately passed it on as I enjoyed it so much! Can’t wait to read more of your work, Karen!

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