Phoenix Final 2

The Last instalment of the Never Forget Saga

Sisters Angel and Rio are set for their last battle, with Angel hell-bent on taking Titan Records from Rio, and not caring how dirty she has to fight to get it. She finds a new ally in the seemingly handsome and wealthy Adam Fairfax, and her quest for glory begins. Rio is struggling in running her Aunt Ellie’s empire, and when Ellie becomes seriously ill, the pressure becomes too much for her to bear.

As war rages, Angel does her best to cling to her sanity, trying to juggle a problematic marriage, motherhood and building an empire of her own, to prove to her mother that she is her natural successor. Lonely and helpless, Rio lurches from one romantic disaster to another, all the while feeling her grasp on her career slipping away. And when the past finally catches up with her grandmother, Iris, it seems all hope is lost.

Who will prove victorious in this battle that has raged between the Grantham/Collins family for generations, and is there any chance that with scores settled, friendships can be built?


May 21, 2015

I can now exclusively reveal that the final instalment of the Never Forget saga – Rise Like a Phoenix, will be released on 24th July 2015. Check back here for further updates.

Also check back for more on the new Phillipa Hardcastle – coming Autumn 2015

I can reveal that the title of the final part of the Never Forget saga will be called ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ and will be released early summer 2015. More details to follow……

Rio Final Final FinalBook six of the Never Forget Saga.

It is 1999, and sisters Angel and Rio are growing up fast. Angel is the spoilt stage school brat who is part of a chart-topping pop act, but longs for credibility. Rio is trying to forge her own way in the world, working for Morgan Collins, her film star aunt, as a nanny, and trying to avoid the wandering hands of Morgan’s husband Jason.

Rio escapes to London, and while Angel is not pleased to be reunited with her half sister. Ellie, her mother, is delighted to see the girl she once looked upon like a daughter. She angers Angel by giving Rio a job at Titan Records, and Angel feels as though she is second best. Desperate to be taken seriously, she reinvents herself as a rock singer, succumbing to all the temptations that go with the territory. Rio fits into London life – finding love and stability for the first time. But when the worst terrorist event in living memory occurs, her seemingly happy life is torn to pieces.

With their lives littered with addictions, heartache and disappointment, will the estranged sisters ever put their differences aside, or will their dislike for one another turn into a deadly game of revenge?

Better the Devil You Know is out now on Smashwords (all formats) and Amazon (UK) (US). It will be available on iTunes, Kobo, Sony etc in due course.

I am proud to present the final cover for Better The Devil You Know – book 6 in the Never Forget saga – out 26th December

Rio Final Final Final

I have a little early  Christmas present for you all. I can announce that the official release date of Better The Devil You Know – part 6 of the Never Forget saga will be Boxing Day – Friday 26th December.

Hope you’re looking forward to the next instalment, when we discover what battles the next generation of women will face…

Out of Darkness

October 16, 2014

Out of Darkness final cover 2bAs a little something for you while you’re waiting for the release of Better the Devil you Know. You can download my book ‘Out of Darkness’ via the Autonomy site. It’s free to join and you can download the whole book.