The following books are in print format;

Mad About the Boy

Two Become One


The True Tale of Jezebel Cole

Only You

Never Forget

I also have book stores on most major sites for my ebooks

Barnes and Noble






2 Responses to “Buy”

  1. tracy wamboldt Says:

    I stumbled across your books on feedbooks. I bought myself an ereader for xmas and have been trying out new authors left right and centre.Originally i had downloaded Mrs.Osbourne Regrets and i liked it so well i looked for more …just finished Mad About The Boy!! I have all i’m able to get thru kobo waiting for me. Just wanted to say how much i enjoy your books and look forward to more from you in future.Have you ever read Lesley Pearse? Sometimes you remind me of her…just wondered if there had been any comparisons.I’m recommending you to all my friends…awesome prices as well!! keep up the good work!

    • Hi Tracy

      Thank you for your lovely message. Lesley Pearse is one of my favourite authors so to be compared to her is wonderful. More and more of my books are being added to Kobo, so keep checking!

      Karen x

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