Hysteria – released 16th October

September 29, 2015

Final cover v1The honeymoon period is definitely over for Phillipa Hardcastle. Husband Joe is on secondment with the CIA and Phillipa has been left to her own devices. She throws herself into work, trying to clear the name of Jordan Garry, a young man accused of instigating riots that have broken out across South London. Carmel Garry, Jordan’s mother, is convinced her son is being used as a patsy for Truth and Justice, a shadowy anarchist movement hellbent on destroying the establishment, and Phillipa sends Sam, her trusty assistant, on his first proper undercover assignment, infiltrating Truth and Justice to find out why it seems they are working with the Metropolitan Police.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to occupy her time, Phillipa also takes on the case of Jane Watkins, a missing woman who disappeared at the same time as Siobhan Stone, a glamorous political aide. The two women both worked for the same MP and it soon becomes apparent to Phillipa that their cases are linked. In order to solve it, she has to enter the heart of government, not realising that her undercover work will provide her with more answers than she ever anticipated.


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