I am proud to present Rise Like a Phoenix

July 24, 2015

Phoenix Final Final FinalThe last instalment of the Never Forget Saga

Sisters Angel and Rio are set for their last battle, with Angel hell-bent on taking Titan Records from Rio, and not caring how dirty she has to fight to get it. She finds a new ally in the seemingly handsome and wealthy Adam Fairfax, and her quest for glory begins. Rio is finding it hard to cope with running her Aunt Ellie’s empire, and being a single mother to Brodie, her young son; and when Ellie becomes seriously ill, the pressure becomes too much for her to bear.

As war rages, Angel does her best to cling to her sanity – trying to juggle a problematic marriage, motherhood and building an empire of her own that will prove to her mother that she is her natural successor. Lonely and helpless, Rio lurches from one romantic disaster to another, all the while feeling her grasp on her career slipping away. And when the past finally catches up with her grandmother, Iris, it seems all hope is lost.

Who will prove victorious in this battle that has raged between the Grantham/Collins family for generations? And is there any chance that with scores settled, friendships can be built?

Rise Like a Phoenix is currently available at Smashwords (all formats) and Amazon (UK) (US). It will be available on other formats soon.


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