Where The Heart Is – released 26th May 2014

April 9, 2014

Ellie Final Final 2

Book five of the Never Forget saga. It is 1985 and Ellie and Viva are true women of their time. Both are trying hard to have it all – a career, children and a great relationship with their new husbands. However, things aren’t going to plan. Ellie is struggling to be a step-mother to two teenage children as well as looking after her own daughter Angel, and Rio, the baby her cousin Viva had with Ellie’s first husband. Viva is ruing the day she gave Rio to Ellie, so she could be with pop star Guy Fitzwilliam and is now desperate to get her daughter back; and in typical Viva fashion, doesn’t mind what measures she has to take to get her way.

When a rival record company starts a hostile takeover of Titan Records, Ellie and embarks on a business venture so risky, it could result in her losing everything – including her marriage.

Viva launches a new magazine and inadvertently opens a deadly can of worms, meaning a deadly secret is revealed that could tear her family apart.

And when a handsome stranger enters both women’s lives, things will never be the same again.



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