I am proud to present Teenage Kicks

August 12, 2013

New CoverReleased today. Phillipa Hardcastle’s days as a PI specialising in honeytraps is far behind her, and she is once again a serious detective. Nicknamed ‘Sherlock’ by her teenage daughter, she’s regularly hired as a consultant by City of London Police and has worked on some high-profile cases. When Levi O’Neill, Crime Editor of The Sunday Wire asks Phillipa to find out who sent him an email claiming to be from the killer of Ronnie Ashton and Darren Craig, two radio DJs who have recently been murdered, she initially hits a brick wall. But when O’Neill receives another email naming three more men – one of them being Miles Chapman, a judge on the popular talent show The Star Game, Phillipa knows she faces a race against time to stop another murder happening. Slowly the pieces come together and she begins to suspect the men are all linked by the brutal murder of a teenage boy more than thirty years ago, and that someone close to him is out for revenge. What alarms Phillipa most is that she fears the killer is someone both she and O’Neill know, and that they have to stop him before he commits murder on live television – at the Grand Finale of The Star Game.

For the time being, Teenage Kicks is available in all formats via Smashwords or for Kindle via Amazon (UK) (US)  It will be available via Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Sony and Kobo in due course.


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