Coming early 2012

November 24, 2012

Annie Final Final 6 The Exciting Life
The sequel to Never Forget and the start of a whole new saga…..
It’s 1959 and Annie and Kenneth Holland, the brother and sister adopted by Nesta Villiers at the start of World War II have grown up into very different people. At just 25 Annie is a widow, after Mario, her racing driver husband committed suicide, leaving her in crippling debt. Her only asset is Bruno’s, the West End nightclub Mario won off a gangster. Kenneth is now the head of Tanner Beresford, Nesta’s housing association, while Nesta recovers from a stroke in a Swiss clinic.
Brother and sister are at each other’s throat, with the pious Kenneth condemning Annie for her frivolous lifestyle; and when their aunt, the world-famous actress Alicia Bloom, gives Annie a run down hotel for her birthday present, and she decides to open it as an emporium selling her luxury shoes and bags, Kenneth cannot forgive her for not donating it to Tanner Beresford.
Into their lives enters the mysterious Iris Lindholm, a beautiful former high-class hooker who knows a lot about the brother and sister and is determined to make her mark. When Iris and Annie both fall in love with Patrick Collins, the handsome gangster’s son, all hell breaks loose and allegiances are formed that will last a lifetime and span the generations to come.
The Exciting Life will be a free book and released early 2013. Check back for more info.


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