Autumn News

October 30, 2012

Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter will know I’ve been talking about a Victorian novel I have been writing. Well, I was, but I’ve had a re-think and decided that the fun has been lacking from my novels of late. I’m quite eager to get back to my rags to riches roots and have decided to embark upon writing a family saga. Never Forget is my own favourite book, and it’s a story I would love to keep on telling. For me, there were a lot of loose ends left hanging and more stories to tell from these characters. I am in the process of writing a short novel featuring Annie, the orphan fostered by Nesta at the end of Never Forget. I have yet to give the book a name, but will update you in future. But I can promise that the book is going to be absolutely free. Its release will coincide with Maudie, book one of The Line of Passion Trilogy becoming a non-free book. But that will not be happening for some time yet.

My Victorian novel is still bubbling away, but for now I want to concentrate on my saga, and also Rent, the next Phillipa Hardcastle book.

For now, I hope you keep on enjoying my books. A new edition of Summerset is now available, which has been edited and trimmed down to fit in with my other books and that is available from all websites.

Don’t forget to leave comments as I always like to hear from you.



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