I am proud to present Paradise Lost

September 3, 2012

London 1940, the Blitz is at its worst, and when Daisy Wallis is mortally wounded, she tells her teenage daughter Evie the truth about her father – that he was William, eldest son of Lord Ashleigh of Barnham House – otherwise known as ‘Paradise’. When Daisy dies, Evie’s godmother tells her the true story of how she came to be and makes her promise to keep it a secret.

Fifteen years later and Evie is now thirty and living in London. Her affair with a married man is going nowhere, and her friends are the strippers and prostitutes that frequent the Soho underworld. Into her life comes Peter Salter, the new heir to Barnham House, and Evie sees the chance to escape her seedy life and find happiness in her ancestral home. But a fateful weekend spent at the house changes Evie’s world forever and she begins to ask herself if living in ‘Paradise’ is what she really wants.

For the time being, Paradise Lost is available in all formats via Smashwords , Amazon (UK) and (US) and Kobo, Sony and iBooks. It is also available in print edition from Lulu and will shortly be on Barnes and Noble.


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