If Georgette Heyer can do it, so can I….

May 10, 2012

Along with Madonna, Ulrika Jonsson, Sir Trevor MacDonald and David Dickinson, I share my birthday with Georgette Heyer. She spent most of her career writing one thriller and one historical romance per year, which is quite unusual as most writers stick to one genre and write other genres under pen names. I have decided to follow in her footsteps and indeed go one further. For the foreseeable future, I aim to write two romances and one thriller per year. For those of you who have read The True Tale of Jezebel Cole, you will be familiar with Phillipa Hardcastle, the private eye Sasha employs to help find her mother. Phillipa has been knocking around in my canon for many years and I feel the time has come to unleash her. So for the next few years, each summer will see a Phillipa Hardcastle novel. The first novel (ebook only) is released on Monday 16th July and will be called Scorpio Rising, where Phillipa hunts for a mysterious woman who is performing botched plastic surgery, but ends up embroiled in something far more darker.

In October I will be releasing Paradise Lost, a traditional romance/saga and next Spring will come an as yet un-named book that is a sequel to Never Forget. Summer 2013 will bring ‘Rent’ the next Phillipa Hardcastle novel.

I will of course update you with further details .

Karen x


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