I am proud to present Never Forget

April 10, 2012

Never Forget is now released!

It’s 1912 and on-board the Titanic are two women from very different walks of life. Alice Higgins is an impoverished music hall performer, heavily pregnant and running away with her bounder boyfriend to start a new life in America. Nesta Villiers is the wealthy wife of a brutal man, and is escaping to New York to avoid him committing her to an asylum.

When the ship begins to sink, Nesta offers to take the baby Alice gave birth to on-board, onto a lifeboat – promising to return him when they are rescued. But in a case of mistaken identity Nesta thinks Alice has died and claims the baby as her own. But even when they reach New York and she discovers her ‘son’s’ mother is alive and well, she continues to tell people he is hers.

In an epic tale that starts with the sinking of the world’s most famous ship, and ends with the Second World War, Alice and Nesta contend with the heartbreak the First World War brings; the emancipation of women; the realisation of their dreams, and the strain of keeping so many secrets. When fate brings them together again, a life-long battle ensues as they fight to hold onto the boy they both adore.

Never Forget is available on Amazon (UK) (US) – Kindle . It is now available on Kobo and Diesel (EPub) and will soon be available on all other major on-line booksellers.

Paperback copies are £6.50 & pp (Paypal only). If you would like to order a copy, please email zeiasbookenquiries@gmail.com


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