Never Forget

March 11, 2012

In April 1912, the world eagerly anticipated the launch of The Titanic, the biggest and most ambitious passenger ship ever built. No one could have predicted the horror that came, when the ‘unsinkable’ ship hit an iceberg and sank, killing more than half its passengers and crew.

On board the ship are Alice Higgins and Nesta Villiers. Alice is a young music hall performer, travelling with her bounder boyfriend, off to start a new life in New York with their new baby. Nesta is the lonely wife of a brutal wealthy man who is threatening her to leave her due to her inability to provide him with an heir. When disaster strikes, and the Titanic is sinking, Nesta is offered a place on the lifeboat and offers to take Bobby, Alice’s baby, and promises to return him as soon as they are safe.

Convinced Alice has died, Nesta decides to keep Bobby, renaming him David, and telling everyone that he is hers. What she doesn’t know is that Alice alive and living in New York and is desperate for her baby back.

In an epic tale spanning thirty years, the two women live through heartache and loss; suffering from the devastation of the First World War, and making their mark in a world where woman have a voice for the first time – Alice finding fame as a movie star, and Nesta becoming a leading light in the Socialist cause. But through it all their lives remain linked by David; and when fate brings them together once more, a battle ensues that lasts for decades, as each woman is determined to hang onto their beloved son.

Never Forget is released on Tuesday April 10th 2012. Check out this article on my blog about what drove me to write it.


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