Julia – Book Three in The Line of Passion Trilogy

March 5, 2012

Part Three of The Line of Passion Trilogy. MP Julia Newbury is the darling of the ruling Labour Party; however to the public she is more famous for her good looks and famous family. But Prime Minister, Alistair Mitchell sees something in her and, when he starts failing at the polls, decides that Julia is the person to take over from him – in the process making her only the UK’s second ever female Prime Minster.  In private, however, Julia is unfulfilled; neglected by her husband and taken for granted by her three children. When she starts an affair with Pavel Lowak, the handsome Polish builder who has come to work on her house, she thinks, like her male counterparts, she can have it all. But things are different for a woman in a position of power, and soon it becomes clear that someone is out to expose Julia and threaten not only her career, but her family too.

Like Maudie, her grandmother, and Kate, her mother; Julia finds herself faced with a choice – choose passion and risk losing everything, or be the one to finally break the family ‘curse’ and let her head win.

Julia is available from all major online retailers.


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