The Line of Passion

December 17, 2011

The Line of Passion is a series of three books about three generations of women who risk all they have for the sake of passion :-

Maudie – the daughter of a parlour maid who marries a WWI veteran and is now the lady of Redlands House. Maudie’s marriage is an unhappy one, and she hates sharing her home with her mother-in-law, Lady Agnes, who resents being the dowager in a home where a common Irish girl is the lady of the house. The only light in Maudie’s life is her three year old daughter Kate; but when she embarks upon an affair with a wild Irish poet, she risks losing her daughter, her home and everything she has clung onto for so long.

Kate – at thirty-seven, Kate Ryder is the beautiful actress, embracing the Swinging Sixties and living life to the full. But with the onset of middle-age, Kate begins to question her lifestyle and knows her days as the starlet are numbered. When she embarks on a passionate relationship with an ambitious young actress, she risks not only her reputation but her career as well.

Julia – is the shining star of the Labour government. Beautiful and successful, she also appears to be happily married and is the mother of three children she adores. When the Prime Minister starts falling at the polls, he decides to hand the reigns over to Julia and she is set to become Labour’s first female PM; but Julia discovers that the affair she has been having with a handsome Polish builder is about to be exposed. Will she give up her ambitions for love? Or will she be different to her mother and grandmother and put duty above passion?

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