Welcome to my book store!

October 21, 2011

I have finally put all my books into e-book format, and they
are available on both Amazon (Kindle) and Smashwords (all e-reader formats). I’ve
made them all as low priced as possible, except Summerset, on Amazon, which has
been set by the publisher.

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Here are the links to all my books


A tale of forbidden love set in the English countryside. When London teenager Lou moves to the Sussex village of Summerset after World War II, her life changes forever. She falls in love with a man she can never have, and over the years makes some startling discoveries about herself, love, and her family’s amazing secret.
Buy here:

Mad About The Boy

Former soap queen Elizabeth Maine is about to make her glorious comeback when she is suddenly faced with ghosts from her past, who threaten to expose the lies she has surrounded herself with over the years. She feels the time has come to tell the world the truth and write her biography, telling all about her traumatic childhood and the secrets she has kept hidden for so long.
Buy here:

Mrs Osbourne Regrets

When a British MP is exposed as homosexual, his wife Diana finds herself a social outcast. Her perfect 1950s, upper-class world is blown apart and she learns a lot about herself, motherhood, love and what is really important to her.
Buy here:

Two Become One

 What would you do if you were told your long lost twin is actually one of the most famous and well-loved women in the world? That is what happens to ‘bad-girl’ Farrah O’Rourke, who is requested to go to the bedside of Antonia Smedley, the much-adored wife of the Mayor of London, who, at just thirty-eight, is dying of cancer. What will happen when these two very different women meet?
Buy here:

Winner Takes it All

 When tragedy strikes, Alex Cusack is made head of Sheridans, the world famous leisure organisation. Thrown into the deep end Alex wants to continue the legacy built by her late grandmother, but someone close to her is out to ruin the company in revenge for what happened many years ago. In this sequel to Summerset, we discover that in both business and love the past has a way of shaping the future.
Buy here:

The True Tale of Jezebel Cole

When world famous novelist Patty Belleville goes missing, her daughter goes on a quest to uncover the real story behind her mother’s disappearance and on the way discovers some horrific truths about the woman who has always been so distant with her. Will she ever find Patty? Or has something more sinister happened to her?
Buy here:

Only You

The epic tale of Violet Spencer, a woman who rises from humble shop girl to the head of one of the world’s biggest cosmetic companies. After surviving heartache, loss and an horrifc attack, she faces her biggest challenge – holding onto her precious company when it’s threatened with takeover.

3 Responses to “Welcome to my book store!”

  1. Congratulations on your past and continued successes! You’re a terrific writer with some great stories to tell!

    Great new website!

  2. Kelly Moran Says:

    love the new site look. xo

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